Why a Gibraltar wedding?

There are literally dozens of reasons why Gibraltar is the ideal destination for an overseas wedding especially if you happen to be located in the UK & Europe.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Excellent geographical location. Just 2.5 hours flying time from the UK with direct flights from Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Manchester and connecting flights from most other airports. Driving distance of under 2 hours from Malaga International Airport and just a short 45 minute catamaran ride from Morocco.
  • Minimal red tape and no requirement to own property in the country (as in Spain) before being considered eligible for marriage in Gibraltar.
  • No tax on alcohol, cigarettes, jewellery, watches, sunglasses, cosmetics, perfumes, electronics etc. Great place to purchase your wedding rings!
  • Year round sunshine allowing outdoor marriage ceremonies and receptions for the best part of the year.
  • English speaking with a, dare we say it, slight 'Spanish' twang ;
  • No need for Euros! They still use the Gibraltar Pound as their currency is on par with the UK Pound Sterling so you don't need to change your money. You can pay with your UK Pounds although you'll get change back in Gibraltar Pound currency.
  • Close proximity to Spain & Morocco make both destinations ideal for an extended holiday or 'wedding-moon'.
  • Fantastic choice of unique and stunning ceremony & reception venues including an ocean view terrace, a secluded Italian garden, a poolside venue, a sunset terrace, a Moroccan themed marquee or even on top of the Rock of Gibraltar!
  • Get married with your family & friends around you. Low cost of travelling and staying in Gibraltar making it a viable option for your guests unlike with those destination weddings taking place on transatlantic shores.
  • More for your money! Your Pound goes a long way in Gibraltar and gets you a lot more than it would in the UK or Europe.
  • Go golf! World-class golfing facilities just a 20 minute drive from Gibraltar. Book your guests a morning of golfing followed by a lovely luncheon in perfect, scenic surroundings...golfing and non-golfing aficionados will be delighted!
  • Go shop! The famous markets of Estepona are a short drive away where you can find bargains for all sorts of goods ranging from jewellery, leather and clothing.
  • Go club! The party capital of Europe, Puerto Banus, is within a few minutes drive from Gibraltar making it a most attractive option for a night out amongst the stars.
  • Go eat! Dine like a celebrity in the place which the likes of Hollywood greats such as Michael Douglas, Brad Pitt and George Clooney call home...Marbella...just a few minutes drive from Malaga with an array of world class restaurants, bars and clubs.
  • The windsurfing capital of Europe, Tarifa, is on your doorstep. A must visit for any sporting guests.
  • Surprise your guests with a sunset dolphin safari with champagne and cake on board. See hundreds of dolphins (and whales & turtles if you're lucky) in their natural habitat as you sail the Med up to North Africa and back.
  • No need for a visa for British & European nationals. If you hold a foreign passport with a multi-trip, minimum 6 month visa for the UK, you may be permitted to enter Gibraltar without having to apply for a separate visa. However, do check with the Gibraltar Tourist Board for current updates before making any travel plans.
  • Divorced persons may be married in Church with a minimal degree of fuss.


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