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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young Princess who dreamed of one day finding her Prince Charming and being whisked off her feet to be married in foreign locales and stepping out of a taxi as her guests awaited her grand entrance...

Did you hear the record screeching to a cringeworthy halt?!

The moral of the story is no princess worth her weight in gold dreams of arriving at her own wedding in the back of a cab. A horse drawn, glass carriage with uniformed footmen...yes...but a taxi??

Our advice is don't cab it but travel in style to your wedding! Choose from a traditional, white Rolls Royce, vintage car or Chrysler for the bride to a smart, silver Mercedes S class for the groom. Alternatively, we can arrange a smart, private people carrier to transport you to your venue – especially good if you're travelling together as a family or with children or if you have a rather fancy, fluffy or flouncy wedding dress...think Katie Price slowly emerging from her Cinderella carriage...

So that's the Bride & Groom sorted. Now what about your guests who have travelled across seven seas and almost as many continents (you know what we mean!!) to attend your special day? Don't forget to arrange transport for them especially since taxis in Gibraltar are few and far between.  Taxis are not permitted to cross the border (applies to both sides of the Frontier) so your guests would have to walk across the border, clear immigration and then wait for a taxi on the other side.  You can expect to wait up to 1.5 hours for a cab at the busiest times. Therefore, we highly recommend you pre-book wedding transport to get your guests from their hotel to the wedding venue on time and intact without losing their cool! With temperatures reaching 36C in the summer, the prospect of your female guests traipsing along the cobbled streets in their high heels, wedding frocks and party make up will not be well received. Trust us...we've been there!


Ask about our private mini-buses and vans for your guests. Pre-booking transport means your granny's and great-uncle's knees will appreciate the kind gesture and it also ensures your guests do not get lost en-route in a foreign country and especially ensures that happy guests don't get left loitering behind...

If you do want your wedding album to feature a Gibraltar taxi, that's no problem... .let us know and we'll arrange one for you.  


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