Why hire a wedding coordinator?

There are innumerable aspects which generally involve large amounts of stress, agitation, agony and panic to planning the perfect wedding and when you're planning a destination wedding there are even more!

From sourcing the ideal venue for your ceremony and reception to choosing the perfect flowers to complement your theme (and weather) to deciding between a sit down or buffet meal to ensuring the legal bit is properly complied with and that you are both actually eligible to be married in a foreign country before you arrive! All of this and more is taken care of by us before you step foot in Gibraltar to ensure that all you have to do is sit back, relax & sip on your sangria as you take in the stunning views across the Mediterranean from your hotel balcony.

Having a professional wedding coordinator to properly advise & guide you through the red tape as well as to book your pre-wedding meetings with the relevant authorities takes the stress & uncertainty away from you. We understand how nerve wracking it can be to be flying to an overseas country not knowing the laws & regulations or the customs. This is where we step in as we smooth the way for you laying it with hypothetical, sweet smelling roses so that you may walk the happy path to marital bliss.

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from asking one of your friends or family to act as your wedding coordinator...they would need to liaise with your suppliers, source, check and book the venues, negotiate prices, deal with the venue set up, arrive early to accept flower deliveries and then distribute them to the right people, get the wedding suit and dress steam ironed and then ensure it is collected on time, greet and assist all guests during the wedding, store the wedding cake in a cool place to prevent it from melting in the heat, take on toast master duties and keep an eye on the bar to ensure it remains topped up and check for empties, handle inebriated guests with tact and discretion, ensure everything is running on schedule and to call suppliers for updates... phew!

There are a few hundred other small matters that would need to be taken care of which is why most brides & grooms tend to hire a professional for the job. Are you sure you want to put these responsibilities on your guests? Believe us, your guests will not thank you for it!

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The Ballad of
John & Yoko

The bare essentials for a legally binding ceremony, the no fuss Lennon way! Perfect for smaller, intimate, registry office weddings when you just want to get on with it.


Solid as a Rock

Fully comprehensive wedding package including all that is required for you to be married in style at a venue of your choice.


Rock 'n' Rolls

For your inner Princess...add that extra special touch to your destination wedding with that bit of luxury for a most memorable wedding day!

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