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A wedding without a wedding cake is like spending a glorious day on the beach basking in the sun but without getting a tan...well, that's how we see it! A wedding cake is one of the most looked forward to aspects of any wedding as everyone from your five year old nephew to your 86 year old great aunt love to eat cake! Cakes put a smile on your face...even if you don't realise it. Try eating cake, more so a slice of decadent wedding cake, without smiling. See, it's just not possible!

Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to all guests and the couple. In modern times, they are more of a centrepiece to the wedding and are not always even served to the guests as some cakes are not what they first appear to be!  It is a clever bride indeed who wows her guests with a gorgeous 7 tier wedding cake...but only 2 of the tiers are actually edible!  'Fake cakes' as they have come to be known are all the rage now and a hit with budget conscious brides.  

Today's wedding cake has come of age from the culmination of many traditions. One of the first traditions began in Ancient Rome where bread was broken over the bride's head to bring good fortune & health to the couple. In Medieval England several cakes were stacked on top of each other and if the bride & groom successfully kissed over the cake stack they were guaranteed a prosperous life together.

From this the French version of the wedding cake, the Croquembouche, was created.  This traditional French wedding cake is made with Profiteroles topped off with a halo of spun sugar. This all started when a Pastry chef, visiting Medieval England, witnessed the above cake stacking tradition where the newlyweds would attempt to kiss over without knocking them down. The pastry chef then went back to France and used this idea to pile sweet rolls up into a tower design and he called it, 'Croquembouche'. The modern croquembouche is still very popular in France.  However, it is common to place the croquembouche tower on a bed of wedding cake and make it the top tier of the wedding cake.

Check out our vast array of delicious wedding cakes, cup cakes, wedding macaroons and cake pops all designed and baked to your specifications. All available in a variety of assorted flavours and fillings from simple jam sponge, chocolate ganache, lemon poppyseed, carrot, Jamaican Black cake, coffee & walnut, vanilla buttercream, raspberry ripple, coconut and lime, ginger to traditional fruit.

'We are revisiting Gibraltar this July through your company to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  It will be lovely to go back and remember our fantastic day that you organised.  It was and still is unforgettable.  We heard you're now arranging your sister's wedding in London.  If it is anything like ours with you being the wedding planner it will be PERFECT!!!!. Everyone still talks about our wedding and it's nearly been a year!'

Love from Dawn and Paul Cotterell (15th April 2013)