Wedding venues

Religious Ceremony venues:

Gibraltar has a wealth of churches, chapels and cathedrals for your traditional wedding and the best part is that you don't need to be a practising Christian or Catholic. Divorced persons may also be married in Church without too much of a fuss over documentation. From traditional, large, small, gothic and quaint, you can choose from some beautiful Church venues to suit your needs.



The four active synagogues of Gibraltar are colloquially known as the Great Synagogue (built after the 1717 expulsion of Jews from Gibraltar), the Little Synagogue (Gibraltar's principal synagogue founded in 1759 in Irish Town), the Flemish Synagogue (lavish in style and built at the turn of the 19th century) and the Abudarham Synagogue (founded in 1820 by recent Moroccan immigrants).

We have also arranged some beautiful Jewish marriage ceremonies, complete with chuppah and live violinists, in the Italian Garden which have been some of the most romantic weddings that have taken place there.

The Gibraltar Hindu Temple also known as the Gibraltar Mandir is located in Engineer Lane and is perfect for those wishing to have a religious or symbolic marriage ceremony presided over by a Hindu priest (pandit). A Hindu marriage ceremony may precede or follow a civil wedding either in your own country or in Gibraltar. Why not have two wedding celebrations in one day?!