Wedding services

Photography & Videography

The wedding photographs are all that are left when everything else has been packed and put away. It's the pictures that are handed down and looked at by generations to come. Wedding photographs are the most tangible thing you can walk away with therefore all Bride Gibraltar wedding packages include the services of our professional photographer with a minimum of 15 prints included. Of course, you may extend this package to include more prints, enlargements, a CD of all the images and portraits.

Wedding photography is the best way to immortalize your wedding day. Look back fondly on memories of your destination wedding where your friends and family were smiling, laughing, happy and celebrating your special day with you.

It's fine to have a friend or family member bring their camera to take a few snaps but at the end of the day it is the professional prints that will be treasured and will last generations to come. Having a professional photographer also gets your friends and family to have a rare get together as we believe weddings are not just the union of two individuals but of two families and it is really lovely to capture these blessed moments.