Wedding services

On the day wedding coordinators

So you're standing at the open air altar in your wedding dress, looking a million dollars as you gaze adoringly into the eyes of your groom, then over at the enthralled guests and your eyes wander dreamily over to the cake table. You freeze. You can't be sure but is that a Barbary Ape greedily eyeing your wedding cake and looking as if it's about to go in for the kill! What is a bride to do?? Well, leaving your stunned groom at the altar as you hotfoot it over to the cake table brandishing your wedding parasol and screaming obscenities that would make your groom's great grandmother blush is not an option.

What is a more ladylike and practical option is to hire the invaluable services of an on-the-day wedding coordinator. Had the wedding coordinator been present when the over friendly ape came in for a slice of the action, he/she would have discreetly shooed away the hairy visitor and you and your guests would have been none the wiser.

This, in a nutshell, is what the wedding coordinator does. Allows you to enjoy a seamless wedding day without having to concern yourself with the smaller, but important, details of the wedding such as accepting and distributing flowers to the right persons before the wedding; helping you into your dress and being on stand-by for any last minute requirements such as pins, ironing or a glass of champagne; collecting and correctly storing the wedding cake (you don't want to slice into a mess of melted icing now do you?!); liaising with the suppliers to ensure everyone knows what and when they are required; ensuring the drinks and food are served at the required time and helping your guests with transport are just some of things that we coordinators do.

So if you spot a Barbary Ape just as you are about to say your wedding vows and if you haven't hired a wedding coordinator, do think of us won't you as you high jump over your guests to avoid a calamity with the wedding cake :)