Guest Packages

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and get married abroad.

And there you are now sitting on your parents’ sofa, holding hands, announcing that you have some very special news. Your mother’s eyes are moist and her lips tremble with excitement as you announce you’re getting married...and then the moist eyes turn to steel and the trembling is for real as you tell her you’ve opted for a barefoot wedding in the Maldives.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with getting married in the Maldives (it’s quite romantic actually although the ceremony is just for show as not legally binding), your parents, along with many of your close friends & family, may feel they have been put on the spot as they now face the tremendous cost of forking out for flights & accommodation AND a wedding gift to attend your dream destination wedding.  Some may feel it’s rather selfish of you to expect them to pay to attend your wedding and they could voice their concerns to you thus making you feel guilty and sad when this should be the happiest time of your lives.   Many siblings and best friends have been known to fall out over this as they can’t afford to either take time off from work or pay for themselves and their spouses/children or both which only adds to the stress you may already be experiencing.

Well, when you decide to marry in Gibraltar, there is no such stress involved. Not only is Gibraltar within spitting distance (well, you know what we mean!) of the UK but flights & accommodation are really reasonably priced.  Further, Gibraltar being exempt from VAT completely makes it a most attractive destination for some duty-free shopping.  No excuses there then for your guests not to attend!

Let us know an approximate number of expected guests at the time of your booking and we’ll hold some flights & rooms for you at our special, discounted rates for mates!