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Saturday, January 11, 2014

With the Valentines weekend (yes the 14th falls on a Friday this year) just around the corner, you could plan ahead and, with some help from our expert, in-house romantics, you could make Valentines Day 2014 the most memorable yet and for all the right reasons!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Tip #1 

Don't just hand her a box of chocolates...unless you've enclosed two Eurostar tickets inside to Paris, the city of love!  Check out for some great bargains on a weekend for two in Paris or call 020 8518 1010 to speak to an expert on all things Paris.

Tip #2

Thinking of getting married in the near future?  Why not make a grand gesture and propose to her on Valentines Day?  You could propose to her over dinner (candles, roses, soft know the score but then, unfortunately, so does she thereby making it a tad predictable)...or you could pull out all the stops and go for a hot air balloon ride over the English countryside although with the weather we're having...may go down like, pardon the pun, a lead balloon!  

Or you could borrow some of our imagination and whisk her off to foreign shores for an impromptu weekend break and proposal all in one!  How brilliant is that!  Two birds, one stone n' all that!!  If you've already taken our advice and enclosed two Eurostar tickets to Paris inside the box of Thorntons, then you're already chocs away!  A proposal on top of the Eiffel Tower may be considered cheesy but it will always remain the single most romantic thing you'll be remembered for in years to come.  

Also, Cartier is just a stone's throw from the famous Tower in case you fancied popping down to get the ring whilst you're at it  :) 

Of course, you may even wish to make your proposal in the same country in which you wish to marry thereby giving you both a bit of a 'recce' trip whilst you're already there.  Gibraltar, Malta, Antalaya, Cyprus and Prague always remain top choices for a destination wedding and all of these countries are close enough for a quick weekend getaway.   

Tip #3

How about a practice run before the big day?  Why not book a weekend away in Amsterdam (yes ok calm down ladies!) and practice being 'man and wife'...just for the day?!  Yes, that's can get 'married' (non legal ceremony) and get to wear a fairytale wedding dress (only the bride although the grooms are welcome to if they so insist) complete with tiaras, gold rings (plastic) and flowers and have your pic taken to commemorate the day.  Only catch is, just like Cinderella, everything goes back to 'normal' at sunset and your day of being man and wife is over...until the actual big day when you take your vows for real!  A helluva lot of fun and something for those who appreciate the whacky side of life! Same sex marriages welcome.  

Tip #4

Don't tell the Bride!  Do as the television program does and book your destination wedding without telling your other half!  Surprise her and please her by taking care of all the arrangements in advance thereby relinquishing all responsibility and the accompanying stresses of planning a wedding from your bride.  We shall assist you all the way including shopping for the perfect wedding dress if you want us to.  

Emma commented on 28-Jan-2014 05:13 PM
Nice ideas. Will leave the site page open tonight and hope my boyfriend sees it :)
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