Does This Float Your Boat

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Sunborn Yacht Hotel, Gibraltar's first luxury, 5 star hotel, has now sailed into the warm shores of the Mediterranean and is safely harboured at Ocean Village Marina, near the busy restaurants, bars, casino and nightclub.  The floating hotel features 189 beautifully appointed guest rooms, superyacht suites, the finest cuisine at both its restaurants, a cocktail bar, infinity pool, spa and conference & banqueting facilities for up to 400 making it the largest in Gibraltar.  

Rooms overlook the sea, Marina or the Rock of Gibraltar.  Most feature a balcony or terrace and all are superbly decorated to a high standard and equipped with all modern day, luxury facilities.  This is the first time in over 40 years that Gibraltar, on the southernmost tip of Spain, has ever seen anything like it!  The 7 storey majesty of the seas sits proud & tall offering visitors to Gibraltar a brand new experience at never seen before service & standard levels.  

As if Gibraltar wasn't an attractive and tempting holiday & wedding destination already, the Sunborn has just added the feather in Gibraltar's already brimming hat!

Nothing Fishy Going On Here!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014
“Best fish restaurant in Gibraltar & Spain?”
4 of 5 starsReviewed 2 December 2013

I recently had the pleasure of having a beautiful, al-fresco lunch at La Mamela. I've visited Gibraltar many times but had not been able to visit this much talked about restaurant for one reason or another. This time, I managed to do so and was very glad I did! 

My first choice of starter (Salmorejo - cold Andalusian soup) was unavailable due to it being, as the very friendly waiter put it, 'it is winter here and we don't serve cold soup in the cold'. I looked through my sunglasses out over the balcony at the glittering blue sea, the blue skies and sun shining down on us and looked back at the waiter. 'This is winter' I asked incredulously....he smiled and shrugged his shoulders. He then recommended I have some hot soup and suggested the fisherman's soup. I was glad I did as this soup, full of assorted seafood, was simple and delicious. My husband had the gorgeous, sizzling, chilli garlic prawns served in their own little wok - delicious!

For the main course, we opted for the seafood paella which was AMAZING! Absolutely loved it...washed down with some lovely red wine. Glorious! We skipped dessert as were too full. So 2 starters + 2 mains and half a carafe of red wine, a bottle of sparkling water and a coke was £55. Not bad at all.

We loved the food so much that we returned 2 nights later for dinner this time and were not disappointed. This time there were 3 of us and after 3 starters, 3 mains and 1 dessert with 3 beers, half a carafe of red wine, a bottle of water and 2 cokes the bill was £115. 

Definitely one of the best locations in Gibraltar for outdoor dining if you can get a table on the terrace. Book in advance for sure as they do get pretty full for both lunch and dinner. Friendly manager and staff...happy to recommend and explain dishes to you. If you dine inside the restaurant, turn left at the front door and you could be sitting amongst a couple of the tables actually had a group of Lords visiting for dinner once and each chair bears a plaque with the name of the Lord who sat there. 

Look forward to our next visit.

  • Visited November 2013
    • 4 of 5 starsValue
    • 4 of 5 starsAtmosphere
    • 5 of 5 starsService
    • 5 of 5 starsFood

Love is all around...!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

With the Valentines weekend (yes the 14th falls on a Friday this year) just around the corner, you could plan ahead and, with some help from our expert, in-house romantics, you could make Valentines Day 2014 the most memorable yet and for all the right reasons!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Tip #1 

Don't just hand her a box of chocolates...unless you've enclosed two Eurostar tickets inside to Paris, the city of love!  Check out for some great bargains on a weekend for two in Paris or call 020 8518 1010 to speak to an expert on all things Paris.

Tip #2

Thinking of getting married in the near future?  Why not make a grand gesture and propose to her on Valentines Day?  You could propose to her over dinner (candles, roses, soft know the score but then, unfortunately, so does she thereby making it a tad predictable)...or you could pull out all the stops and go for a hot air balloon ride over the English countryside although with the weather we're having...may go down like, pardon the pun, a lead balloon!  

Or you could borrow some of our imagination and whisk her off to foreign shores for an impromptu weekend break and proposal all in one!  How brilliant is that!  Two birds, one stone n' all that!!  If you've already taken our advice and enclosed two Eurostar tickets to Paris inside the box of Thorntons, then you're already chocs away!  A proposal on top of the Eiffel Tower may be considered cheesy but it will always remain the single most romantic thing you'll be remembered for in years to come.  

Also, Cartier is just a stone's throw from the famous Tower in case you fancied popping down to get the ring whilst you're at it  :) 

Of course, you may even wish to make your proposal in the same country in which you wish to marry thereby giving you both a bit of a 'recce' trip whilst you're already there.  Gibraltar, Malta, Antalaya, Cyprus and Prague always remain top choices for a destination wedding and all of these countries are close enough for a quick weekend getaway.   

Tip #3

How about a practice run before the big day?  Why not book a weekend away in Amsterdam (yes ok calm down ladies!) and practice being 'man and wife'...just for the day?!  Yes, that's can get 'married' (non legal ceremony) and get to wear a fairytale wedding dress (only the bride although the grooms are welcome to if they so insist) complete with tiaras, gold rings (plastic) and flowers and have your pic taken to commemorate the day.  Only catch is, just like Cinderella, everything goes back to 'normal' at sunset and your day of being man and wife is over...until the actual big day when you take your vows for real!  A helluva lot of fun and something for those who appreciate the whacky side of life! Same sex marriages welcome.  

Tip #4

Don't tell the Bride!  Do as the television program does and book your destination wedding without telling your other half!  Surprise her and please her by taking care of all the arrangements in advance thereby relinquishing all responsibility and the accompanying stresses of planning a wedding from your bride.  We shall assist you all the way including shopping for the perfect wedding dress if you want us to.  

Bride Gibraltar launches today!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

So the day has finally arrived when brides (and their grooms) can breathe a sigh of relief in all corners of the world as they wake up to find that the answer to their prayers is finally here.  

Yes...Bride Gibraltar, the one-stop site for all things Gibraltar weddings, is now alive & kicking and here to help you get married in one of the most popular destinations for overseas weddings...Gibraltar.  

Year round sunshine, close proximity to the UK (2.5 hours flying time), English speaking, next door to Spain so easy to get to Malaga, across the water from exotic Tangiers (Morocco) so great to combine for an extended honeymoon and, not forgetting, its as cheap as chips (well, at least 50% cheaper than getting married in the UK on a like for like basis) due to its tax free status hence you'll also pick up great bargains in duty-free shopping.  

These are just a few of the reasons why so many British, American, Japanese, Russian, Far Eastern and European couples are now opting to get married in Gibraltar.  Of course, the destination offers fantastically unique venues for your wedding and reception...the kind of venues you would normally be forking out a few thousand pounds / dollars / yens (whatever rocks your boat) to hire but in Gibraltar your currency goes a lot further and buys you a lot more extravagance.  

We are really, truly excited about having the opportunity to arrange even more weddings in Gibraltar so as our creative juices flow and we follow our New Year's resolution to make this the best year yet for Bride Gibraltar, please feel free to contact us via email, telephone or book a visit to see us and discuss your requirements over a glass of champagne. We're always open for business and certainly always for champagne...:)  Good luck with your wedding planning and we cannot wait to meet you all xx

Wedding Anniversaries - Their Meanings & Traditions

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Wedding Anniversaries - Their Meanings & Traditions 

1st anniversary: Paper/Flowers: Carnations / Pansies 

Now, now...lets' not get too excited.  This doesn't mean you just hand your loved one a piece of paper unless it's a well thought out, romantic love letter! Use your imagination and name a star after them, sponsor a child in Africa or adopt a panda and present them with the certificate.  A tradition associated with your first wedding anniversary is defrosting the top tier of your wedding cake (only if it was a fruit cake) and eating it on this special day.  

2nd anniversary: Cotton/Flowers: Cosmos

Here's a nice & inexpensive idea : enjoy breakfast in bed tucked up in crisp, Egyptian Cotton bedsheets...on the Orient Express enroute to Venice. Check out for some fantastic ideas on second honeymoons.   

3rd: anniversary: Leather/Flowers: Fuchsias 

Easy...Christian Louboutin make leather shoes...visit the flagship store in Paris with or if you really want to pull out all the stops, visit the two storey, jaw droppingly gorgeous Louboutin store in will truly be spoilt for choice!  Visit for great value flights & hotels to mystical, Incredible India.  

4th anniversary: Linen/Flowers: Geraniums 
Get yourselves a whole new wardrobe of cool, summer linen clothes and head for the Caribbean!  Check out great holiday deals on  

5th anniversary: Wood/Flowers: Daisies 
A roaring hot, open log fire in a wood cabin perched high on the snowy Rockies in Aspen and just the two of you...did we mention skiing is also available should you decide to venture out of your cosy abode!

6th anniversary: Iron/Flowers: Calla Lillies 
Now don't go buying your loved one an electrical appliance to iron your shirts!   It may not go down too well except when thrown down on the bedroom floor in anger...! 

7th anniversary: Wool/Flowers: Jack-in-the-Pulpit 
Woolly jumpers??  Not quite and especially not if your anniversary falls in summer!  However, cashmere is a gift that will be appreciated no matter what the's a romantic luxury and will get you brownie points and loads of warm cuddles!  

8th anniversary: Bronze/Flowers: Clematis

Suntan oil.  And two air tickets to an exotic, far flung beach where you can bronze to your hearts' content!  Check out some fantastic deals on Dubai beach holidays at

9th anniversary: Pottery/Flowers: Poppies 
Surprise your loved one with a personalised ceramic created by your very own fair hands.  Or get them involved and re-create that famous, pottery making scene from the Patrick Swayze-Demi Moore film, 'Ghost'...!

10th anniversary: Tin/Flowers: Daffodils 
How about throwing a big bash inviting all your friends and family to celebrate your 10th anniversary!  Break out the tin foil when covering up any food leftovers...ok, cheeky we know but we can't think of any suitable 'tin' gifts but a tin of beans...:(

11th anniversary: Steel/Flowers: Morning Glory

Simple.  A steel, personalised friendship bracelet always does the trick.  

12th anniversary: Silk/Flowers: Peonies 
Silk lingerie!  Need we say anything else??

13th anniversary: Lace/Flowers: Hollyhock
Lingerie?  Really?  Again??  Be different and surprise your loved one with a weekend away in the home of lace making -Bruges!  Check out some great deals travelling with Eurostar to Bruges via Brussels on 

14th anniversary: Ivory/Flowers: Dahlias 
To be kind to elephants and not to indulge in the sale of banned ivory, how about making a donation to save the elephants?  

15th anniversary: Crystal/Flowers: Roses 
Crystal glasses to toast your 15th year in?  Crystal earrings from Swarovski?  How about visiting a crystal factory in one of the top European cities to see how it is made first hand?  Gibraltar has its own Gibraltar Crystal workshop where you can watch skilled craftsmen at work.  The 15th anniversary is also the first of your 'big' anniversaries...a renewal of vows is very popular at this time.  Most couples fly out with a few close friends/family to an exotic destination for a beautiful, open air renewal of vows ceremony.  Others escape to destinations such as Las Vegas to really do it 'their way' Elvis style in the Chapel of Love!  Look at for more ideas on where to host your 15th year party.                                                                              

16th anniversary: Topaz   

Speaks for itself - a topaz pendant or topaz ring will do the trick.                                                           

17th anniversary: Amethyst                                                     
Again, an amethyst stone set in a piece of jewellery will be a poignant gift that will be cherished for years to come.  

18th anniversary: Garnet                                                           
Visit Prague, the home of the red gemstone, garnet.  The gothic city full of romantic steeples and spires and twisting, cobbled lanes with plenty of culture and rich history.  Book with for brilliantly priced city breaks in Prague.  

19th anniversary: Aquamarine                                                 
Visit the Maldives or Mauritius or the Bahamas for their aquamarine seas.  If you're counting the pennies, then why not kit out your bathroom in a shade of aquamarine...don't say we didn't warn you...!

20th anniversary: China/Flowers: Day Lillies 
A roaring 20s themed, Great Gatsby party with food served on your best china!  Go on, you deserve it!  

21st anniversary: Brass    

OK we know this may sound a little far fetched but one of our couples did actually hire out a brass band to play his wife's favourite tunes outside their semi-detached in Barnet.  Only thing was the poor lad did this on his 5th anniversary as, for some bizarre reason, he thought that was tradition!  His wife was as pleased as punch though!                                              

22nd anniversary: Copper                                                         
Copper bottomed saucepans to add to your growing kitchen collection...but not just any old copper saucepans...those by celebrity chefs!  Or how about putting your copper pennies together and booking a romantic trip away for two?  Visit for some lovely holidays in the Mediterranean island of sunshine.  

23rd anniversary: Silver plate   

A commemorative silver, engraved plate with your names and date of marriage...dah!                                                 

24th anniversary: Musical instruments                                     
Err...what if you haven't married a rockstar??  Book tickets to a favourite concert instead and let the sound of music fill your ears with love & passion! 

25th anniversary: Silver/Flowers: Iris 
A major milestone worthy of a solid silver piece of jewellery...from Tiffanys.  Fullstop!

26th anniversary: Original pictures                                           
A nice canvas print of the two of you in a favourite locality makes a good gift.  Better it by flying your loved one out to Rome and having an original picture painted outside the Spanish Steps.  You really cannot better that!  Check out 

27th anniversary: Sculpture                                                        
Buy a lovely sculpture of something you both love for your home, garden or then, if your budget allows, commission someone to make a custom made piece of the both of you to celebrate your love.  

28th anniversary: Orchids
Orchids originate from Asia so pack your bags and get yourselves to Asia to pick your own orchids!  

29th anniversary: New furniture     

A new bed may be worth investing in after 29 years of marriage...if you haven't done so already!                                        

30th anniversary: Pearl/Flowers: Sweet Pea 
Indulge in a special evening of oysters, caviar and champagne.  The relevance we hear you ask?  Well, caviar is traditionally eaten with a mother of pearl spoon....:)

31st anniversary: Timepieces                         

Wristwatches....not grandfather clocks!  Tick tock...tick tock....Bulgari, Cartier & Rolex spring to mind....                      

32nd anniversary: Conveyances                     
A sports car??!!  Well, yes if you can afford it or how about 'conveying' your love in a different way by whisking your loved one off on a surprise cruise around the world?  An unforgettable anniversary present.  

33rd anniversary: Amethyst                                               
As before, more amethyst jewellery.  

34th anniversary: Opal            

Opal also makes for nice jewellery pieces.                                              

35th anniversary: Coral                                                        
A natural coral necklace...bought in Barbados will go down a treat, thank you very much!  

36th anniversary: Bone china   

To add to your already burgeoning collection of china...!                                          

37th anniversary: Alabaster                                               

Botox to give you that alabaster look?  No?  Well how about an alabaster statue?

38th anniversary: Beryl                                                         
Beryl is a little known, colourless gemstone in it's pure form. 

39th anniversary: Lace                                                         
Not a lace tablecloth and probably not lace about a beautiful lace dress custom made by your wife's favourite designer?  A most thoughtful gift.  

40th anniversary: Ruby/Flowers: Nasturtiums 
Life begins at 40 and it's no different for your marriage so toast each other with ruby red wine as you present her with a red ruby necklace or ring which will remain a cherished piece for a lifetime.  

41st anniversary: Land                                                        

Gift a piece of land if you're feeling flush or how about taking your loved one on a flying lesson and letting them 'land' the aircraft themselves.  Unbeatable adrenalin rush!

42nd anniversary: Real estate    

OK now you can buy them that piece of land!                                     

43rd anniversary: Travel                                                     
Look no further than - a fabulous find for all things holidays

44th anniversary: Groceries                                              
We're talking 

45th anniversary: Sapphire                                               
Sapphires come in an array of colours - pink, yellow, white, green and red as well as blue. So get the shaker out and celebrate your 45th with a multi-coloured cocktail drinks party.

46th anniversary: Poetry                                                 
Bring out the inner poet in you and try your hand at writing a beautiful, heartfelt poem which will be the single most unique gift you could present to your loved one.  

47th anniversary: Books                                                  
Visit a book festival together or how about the literary festival in Gibraltar which takes place at the end of October each year?  Look out for special flight+hotel deals at 

48th anniversary: Optical goods   

Hmm...unless they are Dior, Prada or D&G....we're not interested!                               

49th anniversary: Luxuries                                            
As far as your imagination and budget stretch, the world is your oyster...jewellery is always a popular choice but so are luxury cruises aboard the Regent Seven Seas and MSC Yacht Club...ask the cruise experts at for more ideas.  

50th anniversary: Gold/Flowers: Violets 
Half a century!  Golden wedding anniversary celebrations are a must.  Gifts of gold are the obvious choice here and many couples choose to purchase new gold wedding rings at this stage to gift each other.  Alternatively, how about a trip to the Gold Coast, Australia?  

55th anniversary: Emerald                                         
Go green for your Emerald anniversary and gift each other ecologically themed gifts.  Or you could take a trip to the Emerald Isle in Ireland and stay in a romantic castle OR visit the other Emerald Coast in Sardinia for an exotic beach holiday.  

60th anniversary: Diamond                                     
Your Diamond Anniversary deserves no less than a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery.  Drop diamond earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings all make for the most perfect gift..especially if a certain 'De Beers' is involved..!

70th anniversary: Platinum                                      
Platinum gifts only please!  Eternity rings are very popular for a platinum anniversary.  

75th anniversary: Diamond                                     
The second diamond anniversary which can only mean one thing - a girl really can never have enough diamonds!